My Spirit Mission

Welcome to My Spirit Community!
We’re glad you are here.

My Spirit Community is an interfaith/interspiritual community grounded in non-dualism from a yogic perspective. We respect and embrace a variety of religious and spiritual traditions.  Each spiritual journey is a mix of received tradition, mystical insight, and life experience. We provide direction and encouragement to seekers who are ready to draw upon these three elements to forge their own unique, conscious, and authentic connection to the Divine. The goal is for each of us to step into the spiritual authority that is our birthright, and place the light of Spirit in service to the world.

Whether you are looking to develop or deepen a spiritual practice, mark a sacred life transition, or discern your particular path to Oneness, My Spirit offers a variety of opportunities to do so. Let us know if you would like our support on your journey to your own inner wisdom.

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