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Broaden the Horizon of Your Awareness with Meditation

Train Your Ego to be in Service of Spirit.

Egos are necessary to embodiment. They separate us from others and help us to create boundaries. Egos are important for taking care of earth plane needs. However, when egos are untrained, they separate us too much and lead us away from our spirit’s mission to connect to God and each other. This lecture will cover some simple techniques you can use to train your ego to be in service of your path to self-realization.

Enneagram Retreat

Have you ever wondered why you or someone you know acts the way they do?

Open up to self-exploration with the warm guidance of Gracia Gimse McKinley. Learn to recognize patterns of human behavior using The Enneagram, a personality-typing model, during this enlightening retreat! Step onto a path of greater self-understanding and compassion with yourself and others.

The Sacred Partnership of Ego and Spirit

Yoga teaches the inter-connectedness of all life. We are all one in the ocean of consciousness. This is a profound teaching that invites us to dissolve the boundaries of ego and connect more deeply with those around us. However, it can sometimes be confusing to figure out exactly how we are supposed to do this.

Ego is a sacred part of our being and a necessary tool for embodiment. Ego helps us define where we end and another human being begins. It helps us create and maintain healthy boundaries to live an earth plane existence in which we need to feed, clothe, and protect ourselves. While the project of the ego goes against the recognition of oneness, it is not in itself ‘bad’. Indeed, a well-trained ego can be among our most powerful allies as we walk our spiritual path.

In this workshop, you will learn tools to keep your ego in its proper place as an ally in embodiment, allowing your true connection to the sacred oneness of all things to emerge into consciousness. These skills will help you to live a life in which Ego and Spirit are in sacred partnership.

Sacred Texts Immersion: The Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita

Join Gracia for an exploration of two of the foundational spiritual texts of yoga. The Upanishads provide a series of perspectives on awakening. They were likely to have been written by different highly evolved individuals who each have something different to teach us about the process of expanding the horizon of our awareness. The Bhagavad Gita is a highly revered sacred text. It is a conversation between Arjuna (a man representing you and me) and Krishna (God). It takes place on a battlefield which represents our own inner battles between the parts of ourselves that are more evolved and those parts that are less evolved. Reading sacred texts and reflecting upon them is one way of becoming more conscious. We will read portions of the texts together and there will be silent time for journaling and reflection. Optional self-study questions are offered to help prime the pump for journaling.

Spring Equinox Meditation and Ritual

Welcome Spring! Gracia will guide you in a meditation and simple ritual to mark this time of balanced energy. She will talk about the meaning of the Spring Equinox in yoga.

“The Spring or Vernal Equinox is a day when there’s a perfect balance between day and night — it’s also considered the first official day of Spring. The days of light will be plentiful in the Northern Hemisphere until the Autumn Equinox on September 23rd when the balance occurs again, and the days begin to darken once more. The Spring Equinox is celebrated in many traditions as a time for fertility, regeneration and rebirth. The seasonal restoration of the Sun and its power to grow life has been honored since ancient times. On a symbolic level, this is a time to grow the ideas that were conceived in the cozy dark of winter. It’s also the season for sowing seeds for what you’d like to reap during the fall harvest.”
– Molly Hall

Winter Solstice Ritual and Meditation

As we gather on the eve of the longest night, a ritual and meditation are given, a meal is served, and stories are shared of the months prior and the time to come. In Gracia’s practice of Kriya Yoga, special attention is placed on holidays along the Wheel of the Year, cycles of the moon, and our own personal and shared stories.

Namaste as a Spiritual Practice


We say this word in our yoga classes and generally understand it to mean something like, “All that is good in me bows to all that is good in you.” In this workshop, we explore the many deep meanings of “Namaste” and its potential for awakening consciousness. Profound growth is possible when we make this word a practice for recognizing our own true nature and the sacred interconnection of all humanity.

2017 and 2018 Sedona Yoga Festival Presenter

Gracia Gimse McKinley presented the workshop, Heal Your Heart with the Kriya Ritual of Forgiveness at the Sedona Yoga Festival. The Kriya Ritual of Forgiveness is a powerful meditation technique using
visualization and mantra to heal your heart. The ritual is performed on the internal planes through visualization. You will leave this workshop with a simple and amazingly effective tool for healing your hurt and resentment.

Brain Based Yoga Therapy

Release tension by changing the communication between your brain and your muscles with Hanna Somatic Education and learn to adapt classical yoga poses to all bodies. A full course can run for a series of five days, or for a weekend introductory workshop.

Women and Spirituality Conference – Rochester, MN

2013 Ishta Devata: Attuning to Your Personal Form of the Divine
2014 Creating Sacred Rituals for Everyday Life
2015 Meditation and the Ritual of Forgiveness
2016 Meditation and the Sacred in Everyday Life
2018 Get the Hell Out: Beyond the God of Shame with T McKinley

The Women and Spirituality Conference is a multi-faith gathering to celebrate diversity, spiritual experience and healing. Find out more at www.womenandspirituality.org.

Ishta Devata: Your Chosen Form for the Divine

October 18,
Presented at The Parliament for the World’s Religions

The Parliament of the World’s Religions was created to cultivate harmony among the world’s religious and spiritual communities and foster their engagement with the world and its guiding institutions in order to achieve a just, peaceful and sustainable world.  Find out more at parliamentofreligions.org.

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